Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Eton Flea Market

8:56 AM 11/20/2010

Most folks call it the Eton Flea Market or the Eton Market.  The proper name for the market in the North Georgia town of Eton is Pleasant Valley Orchards Flea Market. A couple of weekends ago on Saturday, November 20th I set up there.

The Eton Market is new, having only opened for business last summer.    There are a lot of different vendors offering everything from antique radios to new items.  You will find estate dealers, folks with yard sale items, tools as well as lots of novelty stuff.

Local churches sometimes raise money for different projects by selling baked goods.  Other food vendors offer pork rinds, boiled peanuts and pop corn.  There is a pretty good Mexican restaurant out in front of the market also.

I plan on returning to the Eton Flea Market this Saturday on the first weekend in December.  Along with the hats, pins (Great stocking stuffers!) and the usual stuff I carry I will have gift sets for women and more tools.  Hope to see you there.

Update from visit in March, 2011
Pictures of antique sewing machine and tools:

The market is actively managed and clean. Spots for vendors are $12 for a three table spot under a shed. Outside tables are $5 a day and there are inside spots available for monthly fees.There is an area specifically for livestock. For more information give the market manager, Greg Vander, a call.

Here is the contact info:

Pleasant Valley Orchards Flea Market


4564 Hwy. 411 N
Eton, GA 30724

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