Flea Markets in North Georgia

 Flea Markets In North Georgia. Thought it might be convenient if was a page with links to articles about specific flea markets blogged about here.  If you have a question about a market please drop me a line via one of the comment forms at the end of any of the articles.
Updated 7/2/2016

Newtown Flea Market at Calhoun, Georgia
Located on Newtown Road, Calhoun. A good local market with a variety of dealers. I have bought tools, CD's and collectables there.

Trenton Flea Market
Located just past where Hwy 136 turns toward I-59 on Main Street. Great Location but bring your own tables.Trenton is also on the Antique Alley Hwy 11 Yard Sale event in May

Talking Rock Flea Market
Also known as The Stagecoach Flea Market. Located in an old school. Very interesting vintage and collectables.

The Eton Flea Market
2016 update: Not much of a market anymore but still open.
Also known as The Pleasant Valley Orchard Flea Market. Good spot for the Hwy 411 Yard Sale. Large market. Very clean.

Closed - Out of Business

These markets are no longer operating.

Highway 41 North Flea Market in Calhoun - closed
A little North of town. Across from Battlefield Building Supply.  Another good spot for the Dixie Yard Sale.

108 Flea Market near Waleska
Closed. Owners retired.

Adairsville Flea Market - closed?
Located in the old Ford dealership a little south of town on Highway 41.  Lots of indoor space. The Dixie Highway Yard Sale travels this route.

Hwy 108 Red Garage Flea Market - closed
If you are out near Waleska on Friday or Saturday an interesting spot. Lots of primitive tools. Closed Sundays.

Whew! I didn't realize I had been to so many. Always an adventure.  Always good people. You should visit a Flea Market in North Georgia soon.

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