Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Imperial Pocket Knife Tool Kit

Vintage Imperial Pocket Knives on Ebay

Vintage Imperial Pocket Knife Tool Kit. Found an old Imperial Pocket Knife in a box lot of tools from an auction about two weeks ago.  It was part of a kit of with some small odd vintage tools. When opened, the knife measures around six inches with a single two and eighth inch sheep foot blade.

Even before I saw the stamp on the blade I knew this tool had some age on it. The advertisement on the side of the knife reads

Delite Chair Co.
Telephone 1099
Lockport, Illinois

Yeah, four digit phone numbers are kind of a big clue.  The maker's mark was Imperial Prov USA with a crown over the lower case "i" in Imperial. The company used this mark from 1946 to 1956. The "Prov" in the logo is for Providence, Rhode Island where the manufacturer was based.

I am not sure what the tool kit was meant for.  It has a combination of files with screwdriver, hook ends and points. If anyone knows send me a note in the comments below.

Vintage Imperial Pocket Knives on Ebay

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge Georgia

Chili Pepper Decor on Ebay
Rooster Ice Sculpture

The Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge, Georgia is a Chili cook off and Ice Sculpture festival. For a $10.00 (for 2018) entrance fee you can sample all the different kinds of chili. My favorite was from The Blue Ridge Brewery closely followed by the Grilling Gangsters BBQ offering. There was other food and also beer inside the festival area.

Penguin Ice Sculpture
The Chili Cook Off starts at the Blue Ridge Train Depot and runs behind the shops on East Main Street. The event was well attended this year (2013). I had to park near the court house and walk through the park which was okay. There was a live band in the park along with an artist working on ice sculptures. Several of the stores were sporting ice sculptures along East Main Street.
Fire And Ice Festival 2013
Apple Ice Sculpture

The Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge is a great destination in February. There are all sorts of antique stores and artist galleries and a flea market in the town. Go. Have fun. Vote for your favorite chili.
Chili Pepper Decor on Ebay

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jasper Flea Market

I visit the Jasper Flea Market in Pickens County every now and again. What I wrote a couple of years ago is still true. "It was a pleasant surprise.  This small market has cleaned itself up. I found antique tools, glass and ceramics along with the usual flea market thrift store items. One shop had an amazing collection of cookie jars and I spent way too much time in another  shop with antique radios, tools and other stuff from yesteryear. Prices varied but for the most part were less than the larger markets."
Vintage Coke a Cola Crates

Once upon a time this small market had thrived but over the last decade came on hard times. Well before the recession hit the place began to take on a junkyard feel with piles of broken and useless articles cluttering the edges of road that loops through. That's all gone.

Though not a large market this place is worth the stop if you are on Hwy 515 passing through Jasper. Located just off Hwy 515 at Allred Mill Rd. and Flea Market Rd, Jasper, Ga. it is easy to find. Traveling north from Marietta, after you pass the red light where Hwy 108 crosses 515, look for the cell tower on the left. That will be Allred Mill Rd. Turn left. The entrance to the market will be the first road on the right.

Cookie jars at the Jasper Flea Market

For more info take a look at the Jasper Flea Market web page.