Monday, November 15, 2010

Chickens and Such, Livestock Sales

I didn't get much flea marketing done this weekend. I was busy with my chickens, working on their new coop.  I did get over to the Highway 108 Flea Market for a while on Sunday afternoon.  I rent a space there and they watch it for me. Even so, I like to stop by on weekends to check and add stock.

I haven't tried to sell livestock at any of the markets yet.  Some have restrictions and some seem to have no rules at all.  I have seen chickens sold at the Mountain View Market in Chatsworth and Big D's in Dalton.  At Pleasant Valley Orchards Flea Market in Eton they have a designated area for livestock sales.

You can often find baked goods and fresh eggs at your local flea market.  At all the large ones there is at least one good vegetable vender.  At Red Barn in Dalton there is a lady who sells dented can goods. Real bargains that stretch the budget.

Y'all have a good week and I hope to see you at the market this weekend.

Monday, November 8, 2010

North Georgia Flea Markets

Most weekends you can find me at one of the North Georgia Flea Markets.  When I'm selling, it is hats, CD's, tools and other odds and ends I find at auctions, online and wholesale distributors in Atlanta.  The hats give the table color.  I usually have several dozen. Folks like to stop, look and read the funny sayings.  Even folks who would never
wear a hat.

I enjoy flea markets. Not just for the chance to buy and sell. For the opportunity to meet people. For the chance to talk over ideas, hear or tell a joke or just enjoy the weather.

Yes, I do go to buy stuff. Recently I found an old 1926 kodak camera for $10.  My favorite flea market find is a portable Philco radio from the 1930's.  It has a wooden case and roll down door.  Then there are the vegetable venders.  At the Big D's and Red Barn markets you can find fruits and veggies fresh, and from all over the world.  Even at a smaller market like the new one in Eton, Georgia on Highway 411 you will find one or more fresh vegetable stall.

Hope to see you this weekend at a North Georgia Flea Market.