Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge Georgia

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Rooster Ice Sculpture

The Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge, Georgia is a Chili cook off and Ice Sculpture festival. For a $10.00 (for 2018) entrance fee you can sample all the different kinds of chili. My favorite was from The Blue Ridge Brewery closely followed by the Grilling Gangsters BBQ offering. There was other food and also beer inside the festival area.

Penguin Ice Sculpture
The Chili Cook Off starts at the Blue Ridge Train Depot and runs behind the shops on East Main Street. The event was well attended this year (2013). I had to park near the court house and walk through the park which was okay. There was a live band in the park along with an artist working on ice sculptures. Several of the stores were sporting ice sculptures along East Main Street.
Fire And Ice Festival 2013
Apple Ice Sculpture

The Fire and Ice Festival in Blue Ridge is a great destination in February. There are all sorts of antique stores and artist galleries and a flea market in the town. Go. Have fun. Vote for your favorite chili.
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