Monday, January 10, 2011

Trenton Flea Market

The Trenton Flea Market in Trenton, Georgia sits in town next to the CVS Pharmacy.  It is just an empty gravel parking lot.  Bring your own tables. Throw a tarp on the ground.  Sell out your trunk or pickup truck.   A great location.  Good traffic.

I set up at the Trenton Market the Thursday before Christmas with my sister.  I was on my way to spend the holidays with her in Tennessee.  She had been telling me about the Trenton Market for a while. 

The market is open on Thursdays as well as weekends. Middle of the week days are pretty slow for most flea market folks, but I had been hearing for a while that this was a hot spot.  The location makes this spot.  Good road traffic. 

I like the way the market is set up.  It is easy for folks to see from the road.  Easy to get in to.  Easy to find your way around.  On the morning I was there the weather was clear, bright and cold with temperatures in the twenties.  Many folks would drive between the aisles, roll down there windows, ask questions and buy stuff.  I made as many sells this way as I did to folks walking around.

No permanent vendors, though you will see many of the same ones week after week.  The location draws folks from Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.  Spots were five dollars on the day I was there.  Sales were as expected for a cold winter morning but better than I could have hoped for anywhere else during the middle of the week.

If you are looking for a place to sell your wares during the week give this one a try.  Spots go on a first come basis and generally disappear around daybreak.  Most of the vendors leave around noon. 

You will find jewelery, hats, clothes, tools, vegetables and the usual assortment of household goods at the Trenton Flea Market in Trenton, Georgia.

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