Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Big Beam Flashlights

 Big Beam Flashlights, a trademark is owned by U-C-Lite Manufacturing Company.
Big Beam of Crystal Lake Illinois is one of those companies that has withstood the test of time. Their sturdy and rugged lights have been in use in mines, on railroads, by police, firemen and other emergency workers since 1938. Big Beam is still around and you can still find parts and batteries for many of its older products. Vintage Flashlights on Ebay

Big Beam No. 166 - Recent Flea Market Find
Big Beam Flashlight Ad, 1952 Popular Mechanics

U-C Lite was founded in 1938 by Cyrus G. Talbot, a skilled electrician who worked 30 years for the Chicago Fire Department.

Big Beam 1947 Ad - Left, U-C Lite Manufacturing review Popular Science March 1945 - Right

It is not uncommon to find older models of the Big Beam Flashlights at flea markets and yard sales or on Ebay. They can be resold as is or fixed up as a usable vintage item. 

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