Monday, December 3, 2012

Blue Ridge Flea Market

The Blue Ridge Flea Market is located just South of Blue Ridge, Georgia on the Southbound  side of 515 (I 575). It is a small market with a lot to offer.

Blue Ridge Flea Market - Indian Crafts
 I visited on a cold November morning so I expected it to be a little slow.  Even so, there were antiques and chickens. Clothes and primitive tools. I came away with a wooden level, a vintage rotary executive phone, a bayonet and an old trap.
Old Trap

There was a table full of antique and primitive tools to the left of the entrance. On the other end of the market there were converted storage units. A few of these had been joined together as an art gallery and Indian Craft Store. I spent quite a while in there looking over the hand made knives and leather work.

The Blue Ridge Flea Market is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.


  1. Do you remember what primitive tools were there? Did you get a picture of any of them?

    1. Sorry Thomas, no pictures of those tools. He had a little of everything except Blacksmith tools.In particular I remember hatchets, axes and some wood working tools. I seem to remember a draw knife also. When asked about Blacksmith tools he told me he had a few at home but they were hard to come by.


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