Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book Review: Official Price Guide To Collecting Books, Sixth Edition

Collecting Books has forever been a habit of mine. I tend towards accumulating titles of my current interests and keeping a few of my favorites as I move on to other pursuits. Recently my interest in flea marketing and antiquing has led me into buying and selling books. After a while this led me to look for a book on the topic. The "Official Price Guide  To Collecting Books, Sixth Edition," by Marie Tedford and Pat Goudey has become my guide to the topic.

"Collecting Books" has been useful and informative guide into this foray. It uses a question and answer format with interviews with people actively engaged in the industry. Besides a good listing of authors and valuable titles there are chapters on:

  • Market Review
  • A closer Look at the Book Trade
  • Collecting in Genres
  • Bibles
  • Care and Repair of Books

There is also an excellent glossary of terms relating to the Book Trade and an index. While Price Guide is not comprehensive it is a good reference for authors and titles you are more likely to come across and is easy to tote along. If I was to voice a complaint about the book it would be that the authors spend too much time bemoaning the affects of the internet on the market for collectible books. But at the same time they provide a cornucopia of information on how to use the internet for the buying, selling, collecting and research on the value of antique and vintage books.

The Official Price Guide to Collecting Books, 6th Edition is a good reference and easy to tote along on book buying expeditions.

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