Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ellijay Marketplace

The Ellijay Marketplace a little ways off the Ellijay Town Square on River Road seems to be struggling. I was at this flea market last weekend (November 2012). There were few vendors and only a few customers. The vendors that were there did have some interesting goods. I particularly remember cast iron items and a collection of cigarette lighters and other tobacciana on one table.

Inside, I found some antique furniture but for the most part the place seemed a bit bare. There is an auction on Monday nights and they allow folks to walk through to preview. I was hopeful, but soon was disappointed again. For the most part the items were thrift store variety. I think it would be a good auction to stock up on items for a yard sale. According to their website they also have a silent pallet auction. I talked to two people about the auction. One was enthusiastic. The other was cold on it.

Before I stopped by the Ellijay Marketplace I had been visiting the antique shops on the Square. They were bustling. Lots of folks in the stores but the traffic did not seem to be making it down to the flea market. They are offering one free flea market setup spot for each vendor through December. If you find yourself in Ellijay it is worth a walk through. You never know what might turn up.