Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dixie Highway Yard Sale

The Dixie Highway Yard Sale runs along old Highway 41 from Ringold, Georgia to Marietta, Georgia along the old two lane Highway 41. The event is held the first weekend in June.  This year, 2012, that will be June 1st through June 3rd. The weekend after Memorial Day.

I have set up just south of Calhoun the last two years. The results were very good. While there are many good spots on this celebration of the old byway my favorite is the stretch between Adairsville and Calhoun.  A service road at the Airport south of Calhoun runs parallel to a section of the road and is always full of vendors. Reseca at the Highway 136 crossing has been another hot spot in years past. Many of the shops along the route in Calhoun run sidewalk sales in conjunction with the Dixie Highway Yard Sale. I would also expect to see a lot of activity at any flea market along or near the highway

You can find more information at the Dixie Highway Yard Sale FaceBook page.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

John F Kennedy Cards

 These John F Kennedy cards were found in a scrapbook amongst other abandoned items and trash in a house I rented a few years back.

I kept them for a while but eventually auctioned them on Ebay. Faded, with ragged edges and tape marks these collectable John F Kennedy cards were far from pristine. For a price of $3.00 including shipping I made a collector very happy.

The cards were published in the 1960's by Topps which sold both sport and non sport cards in packets of bubble gum. The five shown here were part of a series of 77.

These include:

N0. 9 - A photo of the Kennedy family when JFK was a boy.

NO. 43 - President Kennedy and the First Lady on an evening out.

N0. 50 - JFK laughing at a news conference.

NO. 56 - President Kennedy and First Lady in profile watching an event on the South Lawn of The White House.

NO. 66 - John F. Kennedy and his college football team.

These 1960's collectible John F Kennedy T.C.G. cards by Topps are just another example of items which pass through the markets discarded by one person, but treasured by another.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Highway 136 Yard Sale

The Highway 136 Yard Sale spread across Georgia from the Alabama state line to Hall County. I explored the stretch between Highway 41 at Reseca a little north of Calhoun, Georgia and Highway 411 near Ranger. I found the usual yard sale pickings and a few surprises. According to an article in the Calhoun Times the East Armuchee Community Club (EACC) from Walker County started the idea and promoted the event.  Though I didn't go east of Highway 411 I did notice an ad on Craigslist about a huge community yard sale as part of the event in Gainsville.

Ralston's Corner at the 411 intersection offered free setup in their parking lot. It was there I encountered a surprise. Most of the vendors had the usual accumulation of home furnishings and flea market stock but at the corner of the lot was an amazing hoard of antiquities. Antique and vintage jewelery including silver, semi precious gems and a cameo pin. Also a Majolica vase and high end porcelain and glass. Her prices were fair but I was looking for values to resale.

 Between 411 and Hwy 225 I purchased bargains to restock my booth at Burnt Mountain Trading Company in Jasper. In Reseca where Hwy 136 crosses old 41 I found many great deals and primitive antiques.

The day was getting warm and not long into the afternoon many folks were packing up. So my advice,if you go next year, is to get out early to catch the best deals at the Highway 136 Yard Sale.